Avicii – True

Managed to get my hands on Avicii’s “True” album on its first day out!

I know a lot of people were hating on Avicii and his experimental set at Ultra. I should know because I was one of them. However, my hate for him changed after actually taking a moment to listen to his new tracks. Surprisingly, the songs and beat worked together to make a new kind of EDM genre – a folk/ bluegrass/ country electro, who would have thought of such a thing?!

So, I was excited for “True”! And I must say that the album is pretty solid. Sure, I was expecting more, but it overall lives up to the hype. What I like most about the album is that it doesn’t entirely focus on the experimental side of it, and mixes it up with classic EDM samples (ala “Levels”) and experimental songs (ala “Wake Me Up”). Because we all know how bad experimental albums can be when the artist gets lost in the experimental side of it – *cough* Kanye West *cough* 808’s and Heartbreaks *cough*

Favorite track: “Hey Brother” (I love how the bluesy song is somehow perfectly complemented by the electro beats)


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