What happened to CNN?

When I read news articles nowadays, I tend to feel an overwhelming sense of despair. Not because of the chemical warfare in Syria or Madrid’s failed Olympic bid, but because of the increasing standardization of how news is delivered. 

I understand that journalists are under a lot of pressure to produce news right as it happens, even more so now as news has become big business. And I am also aware that there is indeed some kind of standard structure for news articles taught in journalism school. (Although, I was always a believer of school being an institution to teach you theories to provide you with a foundation, but it’s up to you as the student to do whatever you please with that foundation and not necessarily adhere to the theories).

However, as a consequence of the two aforementioned factors (or maybe other factors), journalistic writing has suffered immensely to the point where articles lose their power to really captivate the reader as articles are written in the typical headlining bit followed by the informational piece (with inaccurate facts, of course) leading up to an inconclusive ending. In theory, this structure should work; but unfortunately the manner in which news is delivered mechanically negates this theory. I feel like every paragraph, sentence composition, and word selection in every article is recycled from another article. This problem in turn has made me apathetic to the news, and emphatically against this journalistic norm to the point where I write a blog condemning it!


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