‘The Best Logos Of The 20th Century’




The Voice – Matthew Schuler


I am in [cosmic] love with The Voice this season! It’s great to see the dynamics of Adam-CeeLo-Xtina-Blake again!

And it certainly helps to have a great powerhouse like Matthew Schuler on the show. That boy is just WOW in so many levels. He has such a great quality in his voice and his range is just incredible!

I get breathless just watching his performance of “Cosmic Love” – both because it’s perfection (with a little breathing problem in the latter part of the song, but that doesn’t take anything away from his overall performance because this song is ridiculously hard to sing live) and his range is something that would literally take my breathe away if I even attempt it!

Go, #Matthew! Cheering for you all the way! I will definitely come out and support your records! You are pure talent!

My other favorites: Caroline Pennell and Josh Logan. Best of luck to all of them. But regardless of the outcome (which I am hoping for a Matthew victory), I think all three of them should be signed to a record contract!

Vine Love


Vine may just be one of the most brilliant media created! It’s perfect for the ridiculously short attention span of Americans and (especially) Gen Y!

When I need a break, I always give myself a Vine break. After all, the videos are just six-seconds long. Apparently though, those two or three videos become five and ten then twenty, and with multiple repeats for each video. Pretty soon I realize that I wasted a good 10 minutes! Argh. Ridiculous, but so worth it!

My favorite Vine star: Jerome Jarre.

His genuine love for life is infectious! Keep smilin’ and vinin’, J’arre!