Pizza, pizza!

Pizza, pizza!

I think it could be said for every one that we’ve all driven our neighborhood and realize that there are actually a lot of nearby restaurants we would like to go to one of these days. Nevertheless, we always find some lame excuse to skip a trip there. Thankfully, today was not one of those days!

I’ve been meaning to try this pizzeria for the longest time now. I would say ten years? I always past by it on my way to American Canyon (which is a lot) or Napa (which is hardly ever), and it’s only about ten minutes away from home. Always thought of a lame excuse to skip the trip though. Mostly the excuse involves being thrifty.

But, I finally checked out the pizzeria today and it was pretty awesome! The pizza slices were H-U-G-E! And even kind of intimidating… The best part was that we got the pizza place all to ourselves because the pizza man (the owner) opened the place just for us – eating at that place tonight was totally destiny!

Oh, and Karl paid for our dinner! Thanks, buddy! You still owe me ice-cream though LOL.

(Best part of night tennis is always dinner after with great company and food, and tonight was no exception!)


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