#fbf: Rent Cast – “Another Day”

I never paid musicals any mind until I saw the movie “Rent”.

Call it serendipity, but this song happened to come on a couple of minutes after I switched the channel on to the movie. And after hearing just the beginning of the song, I was instantly hooked! I love the contrast in Roger and Mimi’s voice. And I also love the lyrics to all of Mimi’s verses – such wonderful optimism/ message!

And Rent led way to many more musicals as I picked up the soundtracks for “Les Miserables”, “Miss Saigon”, “Phantom of the Opera”, etc., all in hopes of finding another classic song like “Another Day”. To tell you the truth, I have found many gems in the aforementioned musicals.

Thank you again Rent for introducing me to the wonderful world of musicals!


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