Most people like red as their power tie color. Personally, I have always been partial to red ties (unless of course it’s bright, blood red and I’m wearing a white shirt – preferably striped because a plain white shirt is just bland). I like to go with vivid non-traditional colors for my power ties and contrast it with pastel shirts (as you know, I am all about pastel).

Today, I went with the silver tie though, which blends nicely with pastel shirts. It was a first-round interview, so I wanted to give a more settle first impression. For final rounds though, I definitely go all power tie!

Note: Good Christmas/ birthday presents for me – ties! I love them. I like traditional ones too, so you will not err in the gift department if you get me a tie. Just don’t get me black or any other dark colored ties. I also like socks. Striped, please! For my socks, pastel is preferred.


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