Writer’s Block

I failed today. I planned to write at least three chapters, but failed miserably. I wrote only about 1,000 words – not even a third of a typical chapter!

I struggled mainly with story building. I would finish three or so paragraphs, and then realize that I want to build up on the scene so I would go back and work on the the previous three paragraphs. This back and forth really ruined the creative flow. I think from today, I’m going to free write each chapter and come back to the chapters to add on imagery and information after I finish two or three chapters.

I also had a hard time keeping my symbolisms in check. I admit that as a student, I often complained that teachers were taking the liberty to add meaning to each sentence – each word – of a book. Now that I’m (trying) to write a book, I realize that maybe teachers did have a point after all – just maybe authors were trying to convey a deeper message in each word selection and sentence structure. In my experience though, it doesn’t make an enjoyable read if each sentence is loaded with symbolism. And so I’m struggling with this effort to find the right balance of literal and figurative story telling. More often than the other, I have to go back to the paragraphs to construct a more literal passage. I guess I just like my symbolisms a little way too much. It’s also a lot of fun to write figuratively!

But I am really challenged in my efforts to keep the book true to my initial plot. [SPOILER ALERT] In my story, the main character tries to escape a “monster” but in turn becomes a bigger “monster”. As I write his story though, the more I get attached to him and the more I dread the time when I actually have to write him off as a good character. I mean everybody loves a good guy, especially me, so I am experiencing a dilemma with regards to how I want to proceed with the story. I really have to keep true to the original mind draft though because this man’s story needs to be told (Yes, this one will be based on a true story – what can I say, I have interesting and colorful friends).

I really did try today though to write three chapters, but I guess you can say I experienced writer’s block. Not in the most literal sense, but a writer’s block nonetheless. This is all just part of the creative wheel process that will chip away the rough edges. (Hopefully.)


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