0 MPH: pretty much sums up my commute through a good chunk of I-680 in rush hour

I seriously hate I-680. It is probably the second most congested freeway in the Bay Area; second only to the dreaded I-880. I was basically stuck in traffic throughout my commute from Vallejo to San Ramon.

There was the typical LIGHT traffic in I-80 from the Six Flags/ Fairground entrance to the Georgia exit. Then traffic flowed smoothly past the Georgia exit and throughout I-780. As soon as I merged into I-680 though, I was STUCK IN TRAFFIC.

From the Benicia-Martinez bridge all the way to Danville, I was moving 30 MPH at best, and those were only in intervals of one to two minutes. On average, I reckon I was moving 15 MPH to 20 MPH throughout that span! And of course I hit the occasion 0 MPH “speed bump”.

So, what was supposed to be a thirty five minute commute (thanks Google Map!), turned out to be an hour-and-a-half long! Argh. Ridiculous!

Traffic was lighter as soon as I passed Danville. And I don’t know why, but Cal-Trans is widening that section of I-680! Why? Traffic is worse in the other parts of I-680! Please solve the congestion there first! (Side note, I actually read an article that widening freeways does not solve congestion. Hmm. Something to think about Cal-Trans!)

Thankfully, my commute back was pleasant! Took me about thirty minutes to get back. I even stopped by Benicia to soak in the sunshine!

:End Rant:

Another side note: this rant reminds me of an SNL gag about how Californians talk. I saw it in Singapore, and I thought it was pretty accurate back then. Now that I’m back in California, I can’t help but realize that the gag was extremely accurate!


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