Happy Lunch!

Happy Lunch!

Had a great lunch today with great company! Even gave the restaurant (The Workshop) a five-star review on Yelp:

“A welcomed addition to Benicia in so many ways!

First of all, Creole/ Cajun food in Benicia? How groundbreaking. And exciting! And thankfully, this place does not disappoint in the food.

The menu is a little limited, so make sure to check their specials menu online before you head out. I am personally excited for Friday’s special – seafood gumbo! Also, make sure to try their cornbread.

The ambiance is also wonderful! The place is basically a kitchen with a patio for customers to dine in. I like how intimate and homey it is – just perfect for a local restaurant where locals can catch up with friends or a neighbor dining in at the next table. The warm and friendly owners also complete the whole atmosphere!

I must also comment how I love the restaurant’s location next to a bait store! How perfect considering how most people (like me) picture authentic Cajun food best eaten in the swamps. And the bait store definitely adds a bit of that swampy imagery.

I think it is pretty obvious that I will be back. I probably will become a regular as well. So, if you see me fellow Yelpers, make sure to say hi!

Happy eating, y’all!”

In another note, I am apparently still allergic to shrimp.


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