The Walking Dead

I am finally caught up on “The Walking Dead”.

I must say, I am happy to finally be able to read through Wikipedia articles about the characters and episodes without worrying about stumbling in on a spoiler. But at the same time, I am sad to no longer have the ability to watch a new episode whenever I want. Now, I am at the mercy of scheduled listings to find out what happens to Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of the gang.

I have enjoyed the last two weeks tremendously and getting to know the characters. Through each of them, I learned a little something; and together, I learned enough to survive a zombie apocalypse.

  • Rick: A reluctant leader in tough times is just not feasible. You can still effectively lead, but that persistent unwillingness to really lead will ultimately culminate to you losing yourself – your sanity.
  • Daryl: There is a hero in all of us, no matter our background. And it is so much easier to be an anti-hero hero.
  • Carl: It is important to grow up fast in the face of the apocalypse. However, we will still need to find that delicate and complicated balance of maturity and youth.
  • Andrea: Diplomacy through words and reason are still options. Even if we fail to reach a truce through such mediums, we must not lost grasp on the very fabric that constructed our society.
  • Dale: Just as important, we must remain humane and civilize even at the time of the collapse of civilization because it is what makes us still human.
  • Carol: We are capable of so much more. We just have to not be afraid to uncover our potential.
  • Hershel: We must use our strengths to help others. Even if this means exposing yourself to great risks, so long as you know your actions can contribute to the greater good.
  • Michonne: We all have secrets, but we need to open up and let others in so that we can discover precious friendship.
  • Beth: We can’t mourn the lost of our loved ones indefinitely. We all have “jobs” that needs to be done for our continued survival.
  • Glenn and Maggie: Love is still possible in the darkest of hours.
  • Lori: Sacrifices are necessary. We have to be brave in such circumstances for the greater good.
  • Judith: Even in the apocalypse, we will still be innocence. What will erase our innocence will be our choices.

I guess in retrospect, these lessons are not only relevant for a zombie apocalypse; but for even for now. But, just in case the dead start to rise and walk again, at least I will know how to survive!

Couple of extra notes:

  • I am very happy to have “good” Rick back!
  • Disappointed with how they got rid of Carol, but I guess it’s better than the typical slash and kill. I really liked her growth though, but then again I wondered how they would have progressed her story…
  • I thought we were done with Woodbury. Argh.
  • Not feeling Tyreese. I would have preferred they keep Carol. I like Sasha though!
  • Also not feeling the drunk Bob subplot. But Daryl laying down the law though… damn, go get ’em, D!
  • They can’t kill Beth! I am expecting they will kill her though in this season (her and Hershel).
  • And finally, Daryl! Yes! Idol! I am fearful of the day they “assassinate” his good character, just like how they destroyed Rick’s perfect image.

Excited for what’s next though! To Rick, Daryl, and company – let’s survive this apocalypse, together!


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