RE: Korina Sanchez and Philippine relief efforts

RE: Korina Sanchez and Philippine relief efforts

I don’t understand why Korina Sanchez is taking such a hard-line approach to defending the Philippine government’s relief efforts.

As a journalist, she is supposed to take an un-biased point-of-view and report the facts. Rather, she is acting more like a housewife by continually defending the incompetence of her husband and his boss.

I also cannot stand how she admonishes the general public. Really? As a reporter, I doubt that you should be reprimanding the very people you are supposed to be delivering the facts to. In fact, you cannot even fulfill your end of the bargain; instead, you deliver “blind items” that criticize journalists who are actually doing their job and reporting facts from ground zero!

She has totally loss all of my respect as a journalist. What a pity, especially considering how I grew up on Rated K and with so much respect for her. She should consider giving up her day-career as a reporter/ journalist and focus on being a housewife if she can’t separate the two.

Silence? Yes, I would actually appreciate your silence on this matter, Korina!


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