Although I may not seem like it, but I really am a hopeless romantic. Proof? My fascination with weddings.

Sure, you say that that itself does not provide any validation of an innate romantic quality, but I beg to differ. You see, I’m a fan of weddings because of its ideal – the concept that you marry an individual for the both of your eternity through good times and in bad, sickness and health. It doesn’t matter that most weddings end in divorce because the ceremony highlights the very possibility that such a great and romantic ideal is indeed possible.

Even though I am no where near putting a ring on any woman’s finger, I am still hopeful for a happily ever after ending. But for now, I relish the opportunity to live a little bit of happiness through the bliss of other’s engagements and weddings!

Cheers to all newly engaged, newlyweds, and still married out there!

(Also, the light and airy color scheme of weddings makes me very happy.)


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