Jacquie Lee

I know who I’m voting for… Jacquie Lee, 1-855-864-2303

Sure, she doesn’t have the best control of her voice yet. And maybe she does screech sometimes. But she’s still young and untrained. Her voice has so much potential though; and with the proper training, she can do wonders with that instrument (minus the “screeching”)!

Others will criticize her soul-less presence when attempting soul classics. But I disagree – even though she is only sixteen years old, she has emotionally knocked out classics that were released years before her time!

Best of all, her tone is just divine! I haven’t heard any recent artist with a similar tone, so it’s always refreshing to hear her sing. Her voice also has so much power behind it, especially when she belts!

Simply put, Jacquie Lee is magic! I am excited to hear more from her – either as a winner of The Voice or as an artist from the show. With her talents, I am sure she will achieve gold!

Notes from the final:

– “Back to Black”! She killed this performance! I love how controlled this performance was. I especially loved how she played with softer dynamics (sitting down and the pre-climax at the end), only to contrast it right after with some powerful singing. No “screeching” in this one; just a winning performance!

– “We Remain”. Now, I love me some Hunger Games, but I thought it was kind of unfair for Christina to give Jacquie Lee one of her songs. Even though Jacquie did great, I was more distracted by how Christina sang parts of the song at a lower register to match Jacquie’s registry better. But then again, I think it would be unfair for any female singer to sing next to Christina. Christina has so much power and such a crystal clear tone that she tends to overpower performances. Jacquie held her own though (and Christina really struggled in her performance for some odd reason).

– “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”. Usually not a fan of this song and so I was dreading this performance. But in all honesty, I was captivated the moment she started her performance! Her tone just added a sense of freshness to this overplayed and oversung song. She displayed great power and control throughout too! What a great way to end her The Voice experience – with a winning performance!


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