Life is just more interesting after 2am. The liquor taste better and the woman more beautiful. There is a saying; the night belongs to the poets and the madmen.

Javier Delgado, Modern Family

The guy with the dragon (phoenix) tattoo

I am fascinated by tattoos; that is, if done tastefully and in MODERATION.

Lately though I’ve been seeing the same dragon tattoo. Now personally, I would NEVER get a dragon tattoo. I think that it’s too stereotypically Asian. But then again, that’s just me. And these dragon tattoos probably mean something to the owners, so I’m not judging – this is a “No Judge” Zone (LOL, “private” reference that actually relates greatly to this post in a lot of ways, so major kudos if you can get it – you actually know me extremely well if you did).

For me, I would want to get a phoenix tattoo. I find the obvious symbolism of “rising from the ashes” beautiful. We all go through struggles in life, but I have learned that we can always rise above them – after all, only we can keep ourselves as ashes. I’m also drawn to the phoenix’s ability of flight. I’m a dreamer, so I’m almost always in “flight”. I also like to dream big; to soar above the world to accomplish great things. I’m also a runner, which basically means that I have a tendency to run (fly) away from my problems. I know it’s a bad trait, but I’ve definitely gotten it under control as I’ve matured.

However, I would definitely add a lot of personal touches and meaning to the tattoo. For starters, I would want the phoenix to cover the entire (maybe more 3/4) of my left side torso. I choose my left because I have a preference for my left side and everything left-handed (I seriously give left-handed people “Cool Points” just for being left-handed). Putting the tattoo on my left side also symbolizes how I like to go against the (right) norm.

The phoenix will be facedown with its tail stretching all the way to my left shoulder blade and the head situated right above my groin; this is so that nobody will ever be able to see the full body of the phoenix – when I’m clothed, you won’t see the head; but even when I’m naked, you won’t see the tail end of the tattoo. I want it like this to symbolize how I keep secrets (don’t we all). In all honesty though, I have already told ALL of my secrets; just not everything to one person. Thus, although some people know some parts of me and can figuratively see the tail end of the tattoo, they don’t know the other parts of me and so they can’t see the head of tattoo; and vice versa. The body of the phoenix however will always be visible. The tattoo’s extreme visibility is to highlight my very “out there” personality, which allows everybody to know a great deal about me for the most part.

The phoenix’s downward position is also significant. I want it to be facedown to illustrate that even though I aspire for/ want big things, I always try to keep myself grounded. The phoenix’s eyes will be facing the ground to signify that although it can soar, it will never lose sight of its beginning. And since tails are the end part of the phoenix, I want its tail pointing straight up to indicate my end destination, which is UP. The wings will also be important. The left wing will stretched somewhat to my lower back (not going to be a tramp stamp) mainly because I’ve always liked straight back tattoos that ends right before the center of the back. The right wing though would stretch all the way to the center of my chest to signify that whatever I “soar” for, I must always follow my heart.

Lastly, the colors! We all know I’m a bright and bubbly person (for the most part) who loves attention, so it’s a no brainer that I’m going to color my tattoo in vivid colors. The feathers will be red, orange, and yellow (mainly orange to refer to my childhood favorite color). The main colors really don’t mean much, aside from being colors I fancy and attention grabbing. The colors that will mean a great deal though will be the blue that streaks across the tail and the two green, piercing eyes. The blue and green will pretty much echo the message conveyed by the positioning of the phoenix’s head and tail – the blue will signify the sky and the phoenix’s ambition to fly high above the ground, while the green eyes will suggest the phoenix’s intent to stay grounded (green to mean grass) throughout its flight.

There you go – my beautiful tattoo! I honestly think that this would be one hot/ great ass tattoo! Shirtless in the beach, the colors of the tattoo will make it seem as if the bird is dancing with the rays of the sun. I also like v-necks, so people can always see a bit of the right wing (always been drawn towards the peek-a-poo tattoo style).

If I have inspired anybody to get this ink done, then I say for it! I would appreciate if you send me a picture though 🙂

Bastille – Pompeii // Mahogany Session


I love everything about this band. They have great artistic talent and direction. I also love their album – “All This Bad Blood”.

They are going to be in San Francisco on 14 April, if anybody wants to come with me? Open (date) invite!

“And the walls kept tumbling down
In the city that we love
Grey clouds roll over the hills
Bringing darkness from above
But if you close your eyes,
Does it almost feel like
Nothing changed at all?”