Life is just more interesting after 2am. The liquor taste better and the woman more beautiful. There is a saying; the night belongs to the poets and the madmen.

Javier Delgado, Modern Family


Jacquie Lee


I know who I’m voting for… Jacquie Lee, 1-855-864-2303

Sure, she doesn’t have the best control of her voice yet. And maybe she does screech sometimes. But she’s still young and untrained. Her voice has so much potential though; and with the proper training, she can do wonders with that instrument (minus the “screeching”)!

Others will criticize her soul-less presence when attempting soul classics. But I disagree – even though she is only sixteen years old, she has emotionally knocked out classics that were released years before her time!

Best of all, her tone is just divine! I haven’t heard any recent artist with a similar tone, so it’s always refreshing to hear her sing. Her voice also has so much power behind it, especially when she belts!

Simply put, Jacquie Lee is magic! I am excited to hear more from her – either as a winner of The Voice or as an artist from the show. With her talents, I am sure she will achieve gold!

Notes from the final:

– “Back to Black”! She killed this performance! I love how controlled this performance was. I especially loved how she played with softer dynamics (sitting down and the pre-climax at the end), only to contrast it right after with some powerful singing. No “screeching” in this one; just a winning performance!

– “We Remain”. Now, I love me some Hunger Games, but I thought it was kind of unfair for Christina to give Jacquie Lee one of her songs. Even though Jacquie did great, I was more distracted by how Christina sang parts of the song at a lower register to match Jacquie’s registry better. But then again, I think it would be unfair for any female singer to sing next to Christina. Christina has so much power and such a crystal clear tone that she tends to overpower performances. Jacquie held her own though (and Christina really struggled in her performance for some odd reason).

– “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going”. Usually not a fan of this song and so I was dreading this performance. But in all honesty, I was captivated the moment she started her performance! Her tone just added a sense of freshness to this overplayed and oversung song. She displayed great power and control throughout too! What a great way to end her The Voice experience – with a winning performance!

The Voice: Top 10 Recap

Whew! What a talent-packed two hours! The singers in this season are simply incredible!

The Contestants:

Austin Jenckes – Great performance to open the show! Unfortunately, I think he’s starting to fade as Cole Vosbury – a very similar artist but one who has had the benefit of better song selection – starts to steal his luster. I love the tone of his voice though! And the guitar. Oh-sum!

Jacquie Lee – I love this teen diva! She reminds me of a young Christina Aguilera (maybe not with the vocal prowess, but her intensity on stage when she sings and her aura is so Christina). I wasn’t too impressed with her tonight though and am a little fearful that she might be in trouble this week. The beginning of her performance was a mess! Thankfully, it was somewhat saved at the end when she went all out DIVA on the song. You can’t be a one-sided belt-all diva though. So, word to the wise: lower register (work on it).

Will Champlin – Another great performance. Not a fan of the song, but I liked the risk that Adam took in giving him a song that has yet to hit American radio. How will Americans react to an unfamiliar song? If the gamble pays off, Will will be remembered as having made the song popular across the pond. If the gamble fails, however, then it’s “Cheers chap” to Will!

Caroline Pennell – Another one of my favorites! I didn’t like the song selection at all (even though I am a fan of John Denver). Cee Lo was right – the song overpowered her in some instances. She needs a bigger song and a more contemporary one to appeal to her demographics. She’s not going to win singing a John Denver song to a bunch of tweens.

Cole Vosbury – Wow, where did this guy come from! I wasn’t a fan of him in the beginning, but I think he has become my sentimental favorite. I loved his performance – but then again, I may be biased because I love the new breed of folky singers.

Tessanne Chin – Another great performance from Tessanne, but the song choice was horrendous! She did the song justice, but she needs to steer far, far away from aged songs. She should stick to songs like “Try” and “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”. She doesn’t really attract the young voters, so she has to work on getting their fandom to improve her chances of winning (which would be much deserved, by the way). And she sure as hell is not going to get the young votes by singing a Gladys Knight and the Pips classic. 

Ray Boudreaux – “Cool Baby Blue.” I like him. He has a cool and sexy style. I think his reach is a little limited though. I guess we’ll just have to see how far America will take him…

James Wolpert – Hmm. I’m always on the fence with James. Sometimes he’s a hit. But other times, he’s just “Eh”. He was good tonight. But, again, horrendous song choice (Adam – what the hell!). Poor boy struggled through it and ended up hoarse! And it’s such an aged song that I’m tired of hearing on singing competitions. Unless, of course, you blow the song completely out of the water (which, James was unfortunately not able to do).

Kat Robichaud – Rockstar diva! Go Kat! Great song choice! I didn’t like how Cee-Lo wanted her to expand the notes at the end. I think expanding on the very last glory note would have sufficed – drawing the last two glory notes though was a little excessive. I like the theatrics of her performance, but I also want to see a somewhat stripped down performance the next time. This is “The Voice” after all.

Matthew Schuler – My favorite to take it all! He struggled in the beginning, so much so that I was starting to question Christina’s song selection. I guess you can’t really blame him for the poor beginning because that part of the song is very melodic spoken words. He turned the song out though after the initial stubble and, as always, brought the house down! 

The coaches:

Blake – I think he is actually a great coach! Great song selections! Maybe choose a song out of Austin’s comfort zone next week (if he makes it).

Christina – The best coach this season! Seriously. Great song selections! You have to put Jacquei back in her comfort zone next week. She’s struggled too much this week that she is now in danger of losing her fan favorite standing if she suffers another mediocre performance next week.

Cee-Lo – I appreciate you taking a step back to let Caroline discover herself as an artist, but please select a song that she can slay (while appealing to the tweens) next week.

Adam – Horrendous song selections! I still like you and Maroon 5 though.

And that’s a wrap for my review. I can’t believe I actually took the time to write a review. I guess I have been inspired by this season’s crop of talents! Best of luck to all of you!

The Walking Dead

I am finally caught up on “The Walking Dead”.

I must say, I am happy to finally be able to read through Wikipedia articles about the characters and episodes without worrying about stumbling in on a spoiler. But at the same time, I am sad to no longer have the ability to watch a new episode whenever I want. Now, I am at the mercy of scheduled listings to find out what happens to Rick, Daryl, Michonne, and the rest of the gang.

I have enjoyed the last two weeks tremendously and getting to know the characters. Through each of them, I learned a little something; and together, I learned enough to survive a zombie apocalypse.

  • Rick: A reluctant leader in tough times is just not feasible. You can still effectively lead, but that persistent unwillingness to really lead will ultimately culminate to you losing yourself – your sanity.
  • Daryl: There is a hero in all of us, no matter our background. And it is so much easier to be an anti-hero hero.
  • Carl: It is important to grow up fast in the face of the apocalypse. However, we will still need to find that delicate and complicated balance of maturity and youth.
  • Andrea: Diplomacy through words and reason are still options. Even if we fail to reach a truce through such mediums, we must not lost grasp on the very fabric that constructed our society.
  • Dale: Just as important, we must remain humane and civilize even at the time of the collapse of civilization because it is what makes us still human.
  • Carol: We are capable of so much more. We just have to not be afraid to uncover our potential.
  • Hershel: We must use our strengths to help others. Even if this means exposing yourself to great risks, so long as you know your actions can contribute to the greater good.
  • Michonne: We all have secrets, but we need to open up and let others in so that we can discover precious friendship.
  • Beth: We can’t mourn the lost of our loved ones indefinitely. We all have “jobs” that needs to be done for our continued survival.
  • Glenn and Maggie: Love is still possible in the darkest of hours.
  • Lori: Sacrifices are necessary. We have to be brave in such circumstances for the greater good.
  • Judith: Even in the apocalypse, we will still be innocence. What will erase our innocence will be our choices.

I guess in retrospect, these lessons are not only relevant for a zombie apocalypse; but for even for now. But, just in case the dead start to rise and walk again, at least I will know how to survive!

Couple of extra notes:

  • I am very happy to have “good” Rick back!
  • Disappointed with how they got rid of Carol, but I guess it’s better than the typical slash and kill. I really liked her growth though, but then again I wondered how they would have progressed her story…
  • I thought we were done with Woodbury. Argh.
  • Not feeling Tyreese. I would have preferred they keep Carol. I like Sasha though!
  • Also not feeling the drunk Bob subplot. But Daryl laying down the law though… damn, go get ’em, D!
  • They can’t kill Beth! I am expecting they will kill her though in this season (her and Hershel).
  • And finally, Daryl! Yes! Idol! I am fearful of the day they “assassinate” his good character, just like how they destroyed Rick’s perfect image.

Excited for what’s next though! To Rick, Daryl, and company – let’s survive this apocalypse, together!

The Zombie Apocalypse!

Yep, I am definitely in the deep end of my “The Walking Dead” obsession. My mom accidentally turned the lights off in the kitchen while I was there. The first thought that came to mind: The Zombie Apocalypse; it has arrived.

I think I would totally be ready for a zombie apocalypse! And the kitchen would have been the perfect place for the start – so many short-hand weapons available in the kitchen, after all!